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Professional Resume

  1. Are you frustrated by applying for job after job with no success?

  2. Do you have high-paying skills and education but are stuck in a low-paying, labor-intensive job?

  3. Are you looking for guidance to land a career in a job where you are paid what you are worth?

What Are You Getting In This

Well, just like you many of our students were also struggling with it until they received clear guidance with a strong resume from scratch and LinkedIn audit.

  1. Your Strong Resume From Scratch – Our professionals will not only put build your resume from scratch but will add easy fixes and suggestions wherever possible. After using the new resume, our students went from 0 interviews to 3 in a week i.e. 87% more chances of getting an interview (Value $250)

  2. Optimization of your LinkedIn profile – Whether you’re new to LinkedIn or a working professional there is always room for improvement and our professionals know it. (Value $100)

  3. ATS Friendly Resume Editable Version – Say you feel like building a strong resume from scratch but are unsure where to start. Well not to worry, we will also be sending you an editable copy of the resume that has helped students to get into RBC, Microsoft, and even the public sector. (Value $100)

  4. Cover Letter & Cold Email Templates – You will also get strong cover letters and cold email templates that I use. I went from not hearing from any recruiter to a 60% – 75% increase in response rate. (Value $100)

When you add those up it comes down to $550, however, for this month, it’s offered for only $175! 

You will have to get in quickly, though, as we ONLY take on 10 students monthly, and these spots fill up fast.

Note: Price will increase over time due to increased demand so we can provide our long-term members with the best service possible. So lock in your time now before the price increases.

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