Learn French To Elevate Your Canadian Experience

Did you know about 23% of Canada’s population speaks fluent French? If you are planning a trip to Quebec, be sure your language skills are sharp as nearly 90% of the province are French speakers. Whether you are going on a business trip, visiting for a vacation, or living here full-time, knowing how to speak French in Canada will benefit you greatly and enhance your overall experience. What fun is traveling if the native language is completely unfamiliar to you, right? From advancing in your career within Corporate Canada to ordering a BeaverTail, it is best to know French for communicative purposes, regardless of what you need to convey. To get the greatest Canadian experience, utilize these 4 French language tips. 

Academic Assistance 

For Canada’s school students, learning the French language is required to equip students with necessary communicative skills as French is widely spoken throughout the country. For students struggling with their French, resources like MPM are wonderful for easy and affordable language learning. The Self-Paced French Learning For Beginners course is ideal for school students as this allows them to learn at their own speed and empowers them to pass their French classes with confidence. With a total of 20 videos at 30 minutes each, students can benefit from additional language instruction by French experts who can help them with the basics. 

Promising Opportunities 

Throughout Canada, French-speaking employees are desirable. Bilingualism is a skill that can grant employee prospects an edge in the job market. Whether it be an on-campus job, earning a scholarship/internship, landing a government position, or getting a promotion, knowing how to speak French well has its perks. From academics to the workforce, the French language has the potential to grant bilingual individuals an advantage in such sectors. Learning the French language can also expand one’s personal and professional network, making way for more connections, higher wages, and new opportunities. Bilingualism is an asset for anyone to acquire and utilize to move forward in their life or career. 

Communication Convenience 

With 23% of Canada’s population being native French speakers, French is essential to Canadian culture. If one is visiting a city like Quebec where roughly 85% speak French, learning this language is a wonderful communication tool to use when touring. If a traveler or new resident happens to be in a French-speaking region or needs to communicate with someone else who may have a language barrier and cannot speak their native language, learning French offers convenience in these situations. The process of traveling or moving to a different country can be seamless when one knows the language most used in this part of the world. 

Community Involvement  

If a foreigner moves to Canada, knowing the basics of the French language is extremely useful for various reasons. They could end up moving next to a French-speaking family and to build a friendship with them, French would benefit them greatly to communicate with their neighbors. Maybe the Canadian newcomer wants to visit Quebec and to make the most of their travels, they can apply their French-speaking skills and get around easier. Perhaps someone on the street asks this individual for directions in French – the foreigner can easily respond in French to help the person in need.  

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