Latest Canada Immigration Updates for Students due to Covid-19!

First Covid-19 and now its variants, the impact of Corona is increasing day by day. And because of this outbreak, several restrictions have been imposed on students of Canada.

In this article, we will make you aware of the latest Canadian immigration updates for students due to Covid-19. Take a look at these regulations imposed and be informed.

Travel Regulations and Liberties for students not from Canada?

You can only enter Canada if:

  • First of all, you must be fully vaccinated before coming into Canada.
  • Moreover, you can visit Canada if you desire to study here.
  • Your child or relative studies in Canada, and you are coming to look after them as their guardian.
  • You check outside Canada and are willing to return to your home.

If you meet any eligibility mentioned above, only you can visit Canada.

How to get your Study Permit in Canada subjecting to New Rules?

It would help if you had a study permit, whether you are inside Canada or outside Canada. There are two ways by which you can get your study permit.

Either you can apply at the port of entry for a permit or apply online for the same. Let’s see how it will work.

How to apply for a Study Permit at the Port of Entry?

Not everyone is eligible to apply at the port of entry. Only a few decided people can apply for the same.

So, you can assign at the port of entry only if you meet the following eligibilities:

  • If you live in Greenland.
  • If you live in Saint Pierre and Miquelon.
  • If you are either a US Citizen or you have US Citizenship.

Not only this, you must carry all the required documents with you. The records required include

  • Proof of funds
  • Passport
  • Proof of vaccination
  • If you have been called out for a job, then your job letters
  • Your departure ticket from Canada
  • Photocopies of documents you have added in your application for a permit
  • Valid proof of health insurance.

Without these documents, you will not be able to get a permit.

How to apply for a Study Permit online?

Applying online is somewhat easier than applying at the port of entry for your study permit. For using online, you must have the following:

  • The documents are written in the application
  • The letter of acceptance issued by the learning institution in which you will be taking admissions

If you don’t have any required documents because of Covid-19, then you must have an application written for the same.

How can you extend your Living in Canada?

If you want to live in Canada for more time because of some reasons, then you have the following options:

  • You can expand the timeline of your study permit.
  • You can apply to get Canadian citizenship.
  • You can apply for other postgraduate programs once you are done with your studies.

You have the three permits mentioned above; then, you can only extend your living in Canada.

Working remotely in Canada or On-site

If you are a working professional in Canada, then there will be two cases:

  • You work in Canada as an intern or employee.
  • You work remotely in a Canadian company.

You can work in Canada only:

  • If you have enrolled in Designated Learning Institute.
  • If you are a full-time intern or student at any Canada Institute.
  • If you are a remote employee and work in a Canadian company with a co-op work permit.

Wrapping Up

Hence, these were the latest restriction updates for Canadian Immigration Students due to Covid-19. Be updated to avoid facing any problems while studying in Canada

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